Website carbon calculator 

Our AI-based website carbon calculator is a tool designed and developed to estimate the environmental impact of a website in terms of carbon emissions. Websites contribute to carbon emissions through the energy consumption of servers, data centers, and the transmission of data over the internet. 

Estimate your webpage co2 emission

An average website produces 4.61 grams of CO2 for every page view. For websites that have an average of 10,000 page views per month, that makes 55 kilograms of CO2 per year.

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How the AI-based website carbon calculator works?

We have developed our tool since 2019 and currently we are in version 3.0 which means our AI in more trained based on our over 5.000.000 website's dataset. In this version, we are using the Google page speed insight API to get the necessary parameters for our Machine Learning algorithm. Then the combination of those values and our trained algorithm will estimate the CO2 emission of the URL. 

Please note that we are doing the estimation via a predefined machine with a particular internet speed and an specific browser, so all the parameters in our dataset is having the same testing device. 

What to expect in the result and reporting page?

Understanding the environmental ramifications of your website is the first step towards creating a more sustainable online presence. By gaining insights into your digital carbon footprint, you can take proactive measures to optimize your website, reduce energy consumption, and contribute to a greener web ecosystem. Our AI tool is a crucial component of this transformative journey towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly internet.

Website CO2 emission report mockup in Website carbon calculator page

CO2 emission data

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the factors influencing your website's carbon emissions. We go beyond surface-level assessments, providing a detailed breakdown of energy-consuming elements.

Hosting status

Our user-friendly report dashboard offers transparent and visually engaging insights. Understand the impact of your website's activities on the environment, fostering a sense of accountability and awareness.

Webpage break down

Benefit from tailored suggestions based on your website's unique characteristics. Our report provides specific and achievable recommendations to optimize performance and reduce carbon emissions effectively.

Website carbon analysis and assessment

Do you know your website emits CO2?

An average website produces 4.61 grams of CO2 for every page view. For websites that have an average of 10,000 page views per month, that makes 55 kilograms of CO2 per year. We have developed an AI-based tool to estimate the CO2 emission of websites. Use the form below to do the FREE assessment.


Here we have gathered some frequently asked questions to help you out.

The estimation evaluates the webpage you entered. However, you might have several more web pages that need to be estimated via our technical analysis and report. If you are interested in the concept, you can request it here and all your main menu items will be tested and evaluated. 
Private, concept and password-protected URLs are not being tested in our methodology. Please make sure your website URLs are public.
The number you get, is the estimation of your webpage CO2 emission. Multiple factors are included to train the AI-model for the most reliable estimation. Of course it won’t be 100% exact number because everytime your webpage will load differently based on those parameters.