Unlock your website's green potential with a deep technical audit

Welcome to the forefront of sustainability in digital operations. You've taken the first step by assessing your website's carbon footprint, demonstrating your commitment to environmental responsibility. Now, let's delve deeper. We understand your curiosity about why your website emits CO2 and are eager to provide insights into optimizing for a greener web.

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What is the comprehensive technical audit report

Upon request and within 24 hours, you'll receive a comprehensive digital PDF report that delves deep into the factors contributing to your website's carbon emissions. This audit goes beyond mere numbers; it provides valuable insights into the why and how of your website's environmental impact. Our report meticulously analyzes various parameters, including server energy use, file sizes, and website architecture, to identify areas for optimization. With detailed explanations and actionable recommendations, you'll gain a thorough understanding of why your website emits CO2 and, more importantly, how to reduce this impact. Priced at 200 euros (ex VAT), this audit offers invaluable insights into your website's environmental footprint, empowering you to make informed decisions to minimize your carbon emissions and create a greener web. Expect delivery within 24 hours directly to your inbox.

200 €

Price ex VAT

24 hours

Duration to complete

Digital pdf

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Take the next step towards sustainability 

Choose your path to a greener web. Request your full technical audit report or explore our service offerings to optimize your website's performance and reduce its carbon footprint. Let's make a positive impact together.

Benefits of the technical audit

In summary, the benefits of our full technical audit extend far beyond just reducing carbon emissions. It's about gaining a deeper understanding of your website's environmental impact, receiving tailored recommendations for optimization, empowering decision-making, enhancing brand reputation, and achieving long-term cost savings. With SEMIL GREEN WEB, sustainability is not just a goal – it's a strategic advantage for your business.

Pinpoints of improvement

Identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks contributing to CO2 emissions.

Enhanced sustainability

Take proactive steps towards a greener online presence, bolstering brand reputation and customer loyalty.

Tailored recommendations

Receive actionable insights to optimize performance and reduce environmental impact.

Ready to green your website?

The outcome report from our comprehensive technical audit is a detailed and technical document that requires careful handling to ensure effective implementation of its recommendations. We understand that not all clients have the technical expertise or resources to fully utilize this information. Therefore, we offer two options tailored to meet your specific needs.

If you have a tech team on board!

Empower your tech team

Share the audit report with your technical team. Armed with actionable insights, they'll implement optimizations to reduce CO2 emissions and enhance website performance.

If you are busy with the other aspects except technicals!

Let us handle the optimization

If you lack a technical team, fret not. Explore our Website CO2 Emission Reduction & Offsetting Service. Our experts will implement optimizations on your behalf, ensuring a greener digital footprint.